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Qualified teachers and experienced tutors

In Sydney ready to tutor your child in Maths and English.

Why Tutemate?

Tute Mate uses qualified teachers and experienced tutors to offer one-on-one and small group tutoring to help your child in all areas of Maths and English. Located in the surrounding areas of Liverpool, Tute Mate takes on a personalised approach to educate students from Preschool to Year 6.

We thoroughly assess your child in areas needed and develop a tailored program that is aligned with the current syllabus and curriculum. We provide detailed verbal feedback after each session and a written evaluation on your child’s progress. We have seen students achieve results from our teaching approach.

We help students achieve their personal best and develop a love for learning

Tailored programs to suit your child's needs

4 students to a group or individual lessons

Cater for all levels and abilities

4 good reasons why to choose us as your family tutors:

We develop an individually tailored program to suit your child. The way we teach one student will not be the same for the next. The results however is the same – the very best education for your child.

We provide a supportive learning environment which gives your child time to become confident with the content. We give them the confidence to solve and answer challenging questions independently as we teach them strategies of how to successfully solve problems.

All our tutors are highly proficient in Maths and English. They know the content your child requires in accordance to current syllabi. All our tutors have experience in tutoring and a genuine love for teaching.

We have knowledge of all current teaching and learning programs and the resources students need on hand. This eliminates disruption to the learning process. We offer our students a variety of texts from various authors and genres to expose them to as much information to broaden their knowledge. 

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