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About TuteMate and its Founder

Tute Mate was originally established in January 2017 under the name Growing Brainiacs. Our founder, Mona Choueiri, has been teaching in primary schools within the Sydney region since 2011.

Her passion for educating students along with her principles of high expectations, hard-work and dedication, set the standard for all students at Tute Mate. Our philosophy at Tute Mate is to assist students in closing the gaps in their learning and help them develop a love for learning. We believe every student has the potential to achieve and follow their path to success.

At Tute Mate, we understand that all students have different learning styles, work at different paces, catch on to new concepts at different paces and have their own personalities. This is extremely important when it comes to helping students reach their full potential. Here at Tute Mate, we know that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to tutoring is not helpful. Because of this, we adapt our planning and our sessions throughout your child’s learning journey to ensure that we are catering to their developing needs.

We conduct a thorough assessment and develop a personalised program aligned with the current syllabus and curriculum. Whether your child is struggling to make the progress expected of them in school, is having difficulty with their basic skills or are high achievers and need a further ‘push’, we are able to plan and deliver a suitable program for their studies with us.

We are not your usual tutoring centre! From our previous experience working within tutoring centres, far too often we see tutoring schools where children are given minimal input before being left to their own independent work for the remainder of the session, either on computers or by using worksheets.

We know that these methods do produce some success over time, but nowhere near close to what can be achieved with a truly personal touch and interaction with other students and teachers throughout the session. 

Our reviews speak for themselves!

“Thank you Mona for tutoring our son. He has made a dramatic improvement at school and has a new found interested in Maths. Can’t be more thankful. Well done. I highly recommend you and your prices were the most competitive I’ve found.”

– Karin (Happy Mum)​

“Since started with Mona as our son’s tutor, we have seen great improvements in his academic achievements. Mona structures the learning to what works best for the student and targets to the specific needs of the child. Mona is professional, warm and friendly and has made a positive impact on our son’s learning and results. We highly recommend contacting Mona to help with tutoring your child.”

Christine (Happy Mum)

“Suzanne is a wonderful tutor and our daughter looks forward to her tutoring lesson. Our grade 6 daughter is shy and was falling behind in Mathematics, not wanting to be the centre of attention by asking questions in class. Suzanne is very good, explains well, and always punctual. Our daughter has caught up and understands all the maths work which occurs in class and is now confident on all maths questions. Plus Suzanne covers English work too. Very happy and would recommend to other parents.”

Joe (Happy dad)

“Thank you Mona for the great tutoring of my twins. My girl started reading because of you. My boy is excited to work with you. I really like your teaching strategies. Well done. I highly recommend you.”

Hind (Happy Mum)

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