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Hi, my name is Mona and I am the head tutor and founder of Tute Mate.

I have been a teacher for 10 years and taught a range of students from Kindergarten to Year 6. I have had multiple roles within schools from being a Classroom Teacher to an Assistant Principal.

I initially began my business in 2017 after I had worked at a large, independent tutoring business. I had found that tutoring businesses were catering for the excelling children, prepping them for OC Exams and Selective High School exams. Their programs were challenging for the struggling students, often leaving them behind and further regressing their learning.

This is where my passion began. My business and personal philosophy is simple; help the students who are falling behind and close the gaps in their learning. I have witnessed hundreds of students achieve successes from my teaching approach. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing students who were once behind in their learning, excel and succeed. This is what founded, Tute Mate.

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